Although many of the venues in which the pioneering teams of the Black Fives Era played no longer exist or are out of use, they are worth celebrating. Here are profiles of some of the most noteworthy among them.

8th Regiment Armory

8th Reg. Armory,

Twelfth Street YMCA

12th Street YMCA,
Wash., DC

14th Regiment Armory

14th Reg. Armory,

Chicago Stadium

Chicago Stadium, Chicago

International Amphitheater

Int’l Amphitheater,

Knickerbocker Courts

Knickerbocker Courts, Brooklyn

Madison Street Armory

Madison Street Armory, Chicago

Manhattan Casino

Manhattan Casino,
New York City

Olympic Auditorium

Olympic Audit’m,
Los Angeles

Cleveland Public Stadium

Public Stadium,

Renaissance Ballroom

Renaissance Ballroom, NYC

Savoy Ballroom

Savoy Ballroom, Chicago

St. Philip's Parish House

St. Philip’s Parish House, Harlem

True Reformers Hall

True Reformers Hall, DC

Joe Turner's Arena

Joe Turner’s Arena,
District of Columbia

Union Labor Temple

Union Lab. Temple,

Wabash Avenue YMCA

Wabash Avenue YMCA, Chicago

Washington Park

Washington Park, Pittsburgh


These arenas, ballrooms, church gymnasiums, armories, and other spaces—often just improvised courts—made the games themselves possible. Furthermore, these venues made enabled growing numbers of basketball fans to watch, cheer, and participate in the progress of their local teams, visiting squads, and the overall evolution of the game itself.

(We are working on the individual profiles for each of these venues, which will be available soon. Thank you for your patience!)