Our programs focus on …

  • Recognition of Black Fives Era teams, players, contributors, and venues
  • Utilization of this history for education and community building
  • Learning more about this history through research
  • Appreciation of the descendants of Black Fives Era pioneers and their stories
  • Preservation of historically important artifacts and materials
  • Fundraising for targeted campaigns, annual appeals, and membership

We do this through these activities, events, and services:

  • Exhibitions & Presentations
  • Research & Preservation
  • Oral Histories and Documentation
  • Collaborations with Community Based Organizations
  • Educational Curricula & Teaching Tools
  • Digital Media & Web-Based Resources
  • Sports Industry Career Discussions
  • Recognition/Advocacy for Pioneers & Descendants

Please see our Major Programs and Goals for 2015.

In general, the Black Fives Foundation also seeks to team up with community-based organizations such as schools, colleges, youth & adult basketball programs, educational programs, community centers, parks & recreation programs, churches, businesses, museums, historical societies, libraries, and student organizations to collaborate on meaningful causes in the locales where the pioneering teams of the Black Fives Era originally played, which include New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Pittsburgh, Newark, and Los Angeles.

(Photo: Nancy Borowick)