Carnegie with Melo

Carmelo Anthony with Carnegie Johnson.

Welcome to another episode of Carnegie Chats!

Please join our 12-year-old junior reporter Carnegie Johnson, who shares his chats with accomplished sports figures in fun and revealing audio episodes!

In this episode, Carnegie chats with basketball superstar and New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony, whose basketball accomplishments include an NCAA National Championship title, an NBA scoring title, nine NBA All Star selections, and three Olympic gold medals.

Carnegie is joined by Claude Johnson, historian and founder of the Black Fives Foundation, to lend historical views that link back to the Black Fives Era, and their relevance today.

The result is a glimpse at how Melo’s wisdom and domination of the game are reminiscent of another New York City superstar, early African American basketball pioneer Clarence “Fats” Jenkins of the New York Renaissance Big Five, who helped pave the way for the NBA and is also deserving of Hall of Fame recognition.

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Carnegie Johnson is a 12-year-old middle school honor roll student who plays basketball as a D1 AAU national championship winning point guard and football as a Pop Warner national championship winning running back.