Since it’s Women’s History Month, I wanted to share these wonderful photographs, even though Black Women’s Basketball History Month is in December.

Does anyone know anything about these teams?

Some teams are unidentified.  For those where we do know the team name, we have no further information.

Who are these women? We have not been able to identify any of them.

This is a shame, because they surely played an important pioneering role in basketball on some level, even in obscurity.

Just behold these vintage African American women’s basketball photographs, and the stories they tell.

An unidentified African American women's basketball team

An unidentified African American
women's basketball team, circa 1912.

This looks like a college or sorority basketball team posing in the yard of their campus.  So many things can be said about this photograph.  Yet, so many questions remain unanswered.

The Golden Arrows all-black women's basketball team

The Golden Arrows all-black women's
basketball team, circa 1940s.

This basketball team was quite possibly representing the Golden Arrows Athletic and Social Club, a women’s organization based in New York City.

An unidentified African American women's basketball team

An unidentified African American women's basketball team holding a "Ballard" pennant.

This circa 1910s photograph could be of the girls basketball team from the Ballard Normal High School in Macon, Georgia. That school later sent a team to play in the annual Interscholastic Boys and Girls Basketball Tournament held at Tuskegee Institute in Alabama starting in the early 1930s.  Games were played at Tuskegee’s Logan Hall.  In this photo, I like the vintage basketball shoes and bloomers, standard 1910s hoops attire.

Unidentified woman helping African American youth basketball team

Unidentified woman in support of
an all-black youth basketball team.

This was likely a high school team, circa 1910s.  What I find very interesting is the vintage Spalding basketball shoes and wool knit basketball warmup sweater worn by the woman.  What was she doing?  What was her role?  A physical fitness instructor?  A basketball coach? A teacher?  A parent of one of the boys?

Unidentified all-black women's basketball team

Unidentified all-black women's basketball team, circa 1910.

We may never know about this team.  Who were they?  I’m guessing this photograph was taken at a location in the South.

What strikes you about these photographs?  Aside from the attire and equipment, what if anything seems different about women in basketball today? Is there anything we can learn?

Please share your comments!