Everyone wants to make history.

But few realize that to make history you have to start by making history right now, every day, one moment at a time.

The best way to do that is to think about it. All the time. By asking yourself, how I’m making the most out of this moment? What I’m doin’ next to make history now?

What does “Make History Now” mean to me?

To get some answers, Black Fives went behind the scenes at the 2nd annual Big Apple Classic at Madison Square Garden this past weekend to watch an HBCU basketball doubleheader. Virginia Union beat Bowie State, 76-55, followed by Hampton embarrassing Howard, 65-31.

How would the biggest stars from those historic teams answer that question? Let’s find out.

What does “Make History Now” mean to you?

Matthew Pilgrim, Hampton University

“As an African American, I want the best of myself. To have the skills to be able to compete with anybody.”

Matthew Pilgrim, sophomore forward, Hampton University (11 pts., 4 rebounds), from Cincinnati, Ohio, majoring in Sports Management

What does “Make History Now” mean to you?

Rashad West, Hampton University

“From an HBCU perspective we’re still gaining respect on a national level. There are great players who do great things on and off the court. We’ll become lawyers and doctors too.”

Rashad West, senior guard, Hampton University (18 pts.), from Raleigh, N.C., majoring in Business Management.

What does “Make History Now” mean to you?

Christian Jackson, Bowie State

“To make your mark on the world. I’m the only person in my immediate family to go to college. I know basketball’s not always going to be there. I want to make a difference.”

Christian Jackson, sophomore forward, Bowie State (18 pts.), from Alexandria, VA, majoring in Marketing.

What does “Make History Now” mean to you?

Brad Byerson, Virginia Union

“This court! MJ. Ewing, Walt Frazier. They were scoring points on this floor. I got a tingly feeling.”

Brad Byerson, senior forward, Virginia Union (18 points), from Colonial Heights, VA, majoring in Communications and wants to go into public relations.

Now it’s your turn. What does “Make History Now” mean to you?

Photos by Rachel Eschenbach except Rashad West courtesy of Hampton University.