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This site is all about the Black Fives. They were dozens of African American basketball teams that played before the racial integration of the National Basketball Association, from 1904 through 1950, a period known as the Black Fives Era. All-black squads were often known as colored quints, Negro cagers, or black fives. “Fives” referred to the five starting players in a basketball lineup.

But it’s about more than just this history. With your help we bring the stories of the pioneers of the Black Fives Era back to life, to engage youth in ways that are relevant today and to honor those forebears! Our slogan is “Make History Now.”

Through research, preservation, promotion, and education, we share the stories and experiences of the pioneers and teams that paved the way for the players and the game as we know them today!

These pioneers were our on-court ancestors; they make up our basketball family tree!

The rules of basketball are different today, and so is society, but the faces haven’t changed. This is our history!

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