This video describes the key ideas behind our unique and exciting apparel licensing partnership with ’47. It features Jarred Wheeler, historian for ’47, and Claude Johnson, founder and executive director of the Black Fives Foundation. It also includes the owners of several well-known premium retail entrepreneurs: Jeff Staple of Reed Space, Arsen Salantinjants from Hall of Fame, and Duk-ki Yu of Major.

To view or purchase the collection, please visit here.

One detail of interest about the video is that some of its footage was captured in the nave of the St. Philip’s Protestant Episcopal Church in Harlem, which ran the St. Christopher Club, one of the most famous African American basketball teams of the 1910s.

The Black Fives Backcourt Tee

The Black Fives Backcourt Tee by ’47. Click this image to look at the entire collection.

What’s really unique and really cool about this partnership is that it represents several industry firsts.


With ’47 as the Black Fives Foundation’s licensee, it is the first time that a sports apparel collection has been produced under license from a public charity.


It’s the first time that any apparel collection has been designed through a series of collaborations with industry-leading exclusive urban lifestyle boutiques. They are: Reed Space in NYC, LDRS in Chicago, Sneaker Villa in Philly, Shop 412 in Pittsburgh, Hall of Fame in LA, Major in DC, and Packer in Newark.


Finally, these retail spots are located in cities (New York City, Newark, Chicago, Pittsburgh, District of Columbia, Philadelphia, Los Angeles) where the teams of the Black Fives Era originally played, which creates an additional layer of relevance that hasn’t ever existed, until now.