June and July were a blur for us, due to several events and activities that were truly groundbreaking for our organization!

The first of these was the New York City launch event for the Black Fives Collection by ’47, which took place June 2 on ultra-trendy Orchard Street in the Lower East Side.

This video is a really great inside look at the exceptional event.

At one point, in an unprecedented capture, execs and designers from all seven of the leading streetwear boutiques (Reed Space, LDRS, Packer, Villa, Shop 412, Major, and Hall of Fame) that collaborated in the rollout edition of this collection, as well as those from ’47 and the Black Fives Foundation, are posing together in the same shot.

“These are industry icons, never before gathered in the same spot, all here to celebrate the African American basketball pioneers who paved the way for the modern game,” said Claude Johnson, founder and executive director of the Black Fives Foundation. “Basketball brings us together,” he says.

Why is this new collection timely and relevant? “What the NBA is made of today, to understand that its roots come from the Black Fives,” answered Reed Space owner Jeff Staple, who also founded the iconic brand consultancy Staple Design. “We knew that this was such an opportunity culturally, especially with what has happened recently in America,” said Shop 412 co-owner Christian Kinkela.

The premium sports lifestyle brand ’47 produced the unique and exciting collection, featuring headwear, apparel and accessories, under license by the Black Fives Foundation. It celebrates seven teams (each matched up with one of the seven boutiques): New York Rens of Harlem (Reed Space), Savoy Big Five of Chicago (LDRS), Philadelphia Panthers (Villa), Independent Pleasure Club of New Jersey (Packer), Washington 12 Streeters (Major), Monticello Athletic Association of Pittsburgh (Shop 412), and Los Angeles Red Devils (Hall of Fame).

“A night like tonight continues to help evolve our brand,” says Steven D’Angelo, co-owner of ’47, ” to create this magical sort of landscape that we couldn’t have ever imagined five years ago.”

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Meanwhile, here are some other looks from the party.

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