Previously, we mentioned that this summer has been a blur, because our organization has seen several events and activities that were truly groundbreaking for us. The first was an event in New York City to launch the new ’47 x Black Fives Apparel Collection, at a venue in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

That was followed by an incredible event in London to launch the collection in Europe! The scene was a Black Fives popup shop, beautifully appointed, which was located on Dray Walk, a trendy pedestrian retail and pub section in London’s super cool Shoreditch section.

Here is a video that gives a great inside look at this fabulous event.

Meanwhile, here are some other looks from the London party.

Courtesy of The Daily Street

Claude Johnson, founder and executive director of the Black Fives Foundation, exits the popup shop on Dray Walk in Shoreditch, London that features the Black Fives Collection by ’47, prior to its launch event in June 2015. (Courtesy of The Daily Street)

Inside the '47 x Black Fives launch party space

Inside the ’47 x Black Fives launch party space, a popup shop on Dray Walk, a pedestrian retail and pub galleria in the trendy Shoreditch section of London. (Courtesy of The Daily Street)

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