Black Fives (the brand) is featured nicely in the Style section of today’s Washington Post.

Washington Post

The lengthy tribute to Converse, by Post staff writer Hank Stuever, celebrates the company’s 100th anniversary this year.

The online version of this article somehow manages to cram Black Fives, Nirvana, Rob Lowe, and Tom Cruise onto the same short slideshow.

Who said we can’t all get along?


To celebrate its centennial year, Converse is reissuing $200-a-pair “Black Fives,” updates of the broken-in, brown-leather beauties worn by the legendary Harlem Renaissance basketball team in the 1930s, as well as shoes that honor the memory of player-salesman Chuck Taylor, who hawked original All-Star hightops out of the trunk of his car …

For more about Converse’s Black Fives tribute products and related merchandise please follow this.

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