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Organized competitive team sports were a vital part of the United States military during World War II.  Every military installation in America had its own leagues and teams as did many that were overseas.

There were a large number of all-black teams, since the military was still racially segregated. Many of these were well-known and well-documented at the time.

However, few records of most of these teams remain.

For example, the identity of these W.W. II era soldiers and their basketball team is unknown:

An unknown U.S. military basketball team

An unknown all-black U.S. military basketball team.

All we have to go on here is the partial insignia visible on the unit’s colors (i.e., its flag).

Unit colors of an unknown all-black U.S. military basketball team

The unit colors of an unknown W.W. II era all-black U.S. military basketball team.

If you believe you know anything about this team, this unit, its insignia, or the identity of any of its players, please contact us. Thank you.

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