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After World War I, some veterans from Company E of the 372nd Colored Infantry Regiment, 93rd Division, formed a basketball team.

The team was based in Springfield, Ohio, where many of the men that made up Company E had originally been called up to active duty from the 9th Separate Colored Infantry Battalion of the Ohio National Guard.

The Company E squad played other African American basketball teams in the region, including the Center Street Colored YMCA of Springfield and the Pioneers, Keystones, and Swastikas of nearby Cleveland.

Company E, 372nd Colored Infantry Regiment

The basketball team of Company E, 372nd Colored Infantry Regiment, circa 1920.

More incredible details about the famous and highly decorated 372nd Regiment (as well as a stunning team poster you can download) are available on the team’s profile page at BlackFives.com.

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(Photo courtesy of the Western Reserve Historical Society.)