These are the top 10 out-of-date, once-politically correct, historically accurate* terms for African American female basketball teams that Don Imus could have used instead of calling Rutger’s University Women’s Varsity basketball players “nappy-headed hos.”

  1. sepia amazons of the maple court
  2. chocolate coeds
  3. dusky hardwood lassies
  4. bronze hoopettes
  5. African floor queens
  6. all-Negro girls bucket team
  7. colored coed cagers
  8. tan tossers
  9. cagey artists of the razzle-dazzle
  10. brown femme casaba squads

Femme headline

*These were actual terms used in white as well as Negro press newspaper accounts of female Black Fives Era basketball teams through the 1940s and beyond.

To me today, these archaic terms seem benign and even endearing.

What do you think?

Meanwhile, please see our related post, December Declared Black Women’s Basketball History Month.

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