Ever wonder where the basketball term “flush” came from?

An old bottomless basketball basket

What if it came from these early bottomless basketball baskets?

Vintage urinalAntique urinal.

After each made field goal, a referee had to stop play in order to pull the draw string that tipped the basket just enough for the ball to fall out.

The ball would go back into play with a center jump.

Does this remind you of those vintage urinals they used to have in some bars, that had a pull chain that you had to pull down in order to flush?

Is that where they got the term?

Doesn’t it seem like the term “yanking someone’s chain” must have been related to all of this somehow too?

Notice that with bottomless baskets and a center jump after each field goal, there was no such thing as a fast break. No transition defense.

And, since the ball would likely have caromed out … no dunks! Or rather, no flushes!

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