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Terrific! I really appreciate your research and of equal merit, the lively, readable prose that puts the narrative in fluid drive.

It is the tale of progress—in both sport and society. And, in its comprehensive nature, the exhibition is a triumph of cultural history.
—Nick Schonberger on the Black Fives Exhibition at the New-York Historical Society, for Triangle Offense (Complex Magazine) is a great site for researchers and fans. I used to teach at a mostly Black junior high school. I had printed photos made of the team posters and a couple of kids loved them so much that they took it upon themselves to do some great extra-credit research projects for class. One of my students, now playing at Dunbar High School, said that this type of research made him love the game.
—Unidentified member, Association of Professional Basketball Researchers Forum

‘Wow!’ That’s the best word for me to describe the feeling I got when I visited you website. Black Fives is certainly a breath of fresh air.
—Marcus J.

This is a shameless plug, but for someone who I think definitely deserves it. Claude Johnson’s website is a phenomenal resource for teams of the pre-NBA/BAA/NBL era. It also has some really cool merchandise, some of which I happen to own.
—Gabe Farkas, Association of Professional Basketball Researchers

Quite possibly, actually most certainly the best apparel quality, price, authenticity of any garment I own. The product is nostalgic, historic and culturally iconic. Rarely does a garment infuse pride, knowledge, appreciation and reverance by simply owning it and adorning yourself with it. ALL THE BEST TO BLACK FIVES AND ITS FUTURE!
—Anonymous customer

I have ordered from Black Fives several times and have always been very impressed with their excellent service. My order is confirmed within minutes and the products are shipped and received within days. A great experience that I wish I saw everywhere I shopped.
—Anonymous customer

Being one who likes to keep my children up on African-American history, I bought us all T-shirts which display the Black Fives team logos and bragged about my find when I returned home.
—Merlene Davis, Lexington Herald-Leader

The blog is cool and very informative. I just got a compliment the other day when I was rockin the St. Chris cage shirt.
—O. Cotton

Claude Johnson, CEO of Black Fives is the master mind behind taking the stories and accomplishments of these once forgotten, yet extremely significant all-black-basketball teams and resurfacing their importance through urban sports apparel.
—Metanoya Webb, Howard Hilltop

Hermano Claude, Gracias Hermano por la Infomacion…
—Hermano Rafael M.

Brother Johnson, as usual, you continue to take progressive steps towards making Blackfives one of the best sites on the internet. I salute you and I look forward to getting information, historical facts, and buying some of those great artifacts you have for sale.
—Brother Zach

I’ll post your website in Holland on some sneakerblogs, because i am very pleased with your sneakers and service.
—Marcel C.

Claude – I am busy as hell at work, but I knew reading your blog would change my day-my life.
—Andy H.

Recently the “Black Fives Era” of basketball has been immortalized in the form of a clothing line of the same name. Former NBA researcher Claude Johnson started Black Fives, Inc. The company sells vintage jerseys and apparel from this classic era in sports history.
—Nick Birdsong, The Famuan

Best Vintage Label, 2004
Black Fives
The label is inspired by the all— African American basketball teams that predate the NBA. Your retro Supersonics jersey is some punk-ass sh–, comparatively speaking.
—Stuff Magazine

My brother, you take my breath away!! You have no idea what you are doing to me!!! You are really setting my soul on fire!!! I am so excited and inspired!!!!!
—Nikki G.

I am impressed with your incredible accomplishments and humbled by your mission to enlighten. It would be excellent if I could work with u in some form or fashion.

– Krystian S.

Sure, the NBA’s Hardwood Classics jerseys are cool. But if you want real throwbacks, check out the goods at Black Fives, which documents basketball’s version of the Negro Leagues.
—Paul Lukas, UniWatchBlog and ESPN Page 2

I study your site continually for ways to make my site more approachable. Thank you for your silent mentorship. When you put your mind to something, you go after it and make it happen.; I like that about you. Your articles make me think. I am especially impressed by your commitment to your readers. Thank you again for your inspiration and tutelage!
—Pamela Cournoyer, President, Communicate With Class, Inc.

You never cease to amaze me with the wealth of data!
—Carl C.

I am one of four granddaughters of Hudson Oliver. What a delight to find him listed here. We knew Doc as one of the first doctors in Harlem. His practice was on 139th Street; he lived and worked in a beautiful brownstone. I knew him as a wonderful grandfather who cared for us when we were ill and slipped us “iced coffee” when we were well. I knew he was a Howard graduate, served in WWI but this is the crowning glory … we now know where our daughter got her “hops” from! Thank you.
—Shani T.

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