NYC Mayor's Proclamation

A closeup view of the Mayor’s Proclamation, as it appears in a pic in the Black Fives photo feed on Instagram.

We learned yesterday that Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the New York City Mayor’s Office will proclaim today, February 10, 2013, as “Black Fives Day” in the City of New York.

The proclamation will be made during the NBA game tonight (8:00pm tipoff) between the Brooklyn Nets and the visiting San Antonio Spurs, at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

We are told that since he will not be able to attend, another city official will make the proclamation on behalf of Mayor Bloomberg.

“This is a great honor, recognizing New York City’s pioneering Black Fives Era teams and players as well as their descendants,” said Claude Johnson, founder and executive director of the Black Fives Foundation. “More than 40 descendants of these pioneers will be on hand at the game tonight, and being recognized this way is not only extraordinarily special but also something that I’m sure they will always remember.”

Let us be among the first to say, “Happy Black Fives Day!”