This week I officially became a blogger. I’m blogging.

Before this I was blobbing. That’s a term I just made up for when you have a link that says “Blog” but there’s nobody home. That’s how the Black Fives blog used to be. That was a blob. This is a blog. (Blob must be short for web lob, which must be kind of what you get when you kind of throw something onto the web and kind of hope something happens but nothing kind of ever does.)

What exactly will this blog be about? Is it for you?

Well, it’s about more than just history.

Naturally it’s about the Black Fives Era and its pioneers. History. Basketball. African American studies. We’ll introduce more new stuff than ever, including never-before-published research, images, stories, information, artifacts, and interviews. And more!

But we also want to make this important history meaningful and relevant today. Thus our slogan, “Make History Now!”

So this blog will look at how these stories from the past can be used to introduce and illustrate practical, do-able, modern-day lessons based on the experiences of those pioneers.

In going beyond basketball and history and black culture, can’t I talk about entrepreneurship by sharing insights about how I started this company and how it is growing? Can’t I get into motivational and self-help topics by sharing my own personal growth experiences in this journey? Can’t I observe how history repeats itself in current events making the news today?

Can’t we also discuss sneakers, basketball, fashion, entertainment, music, art, and black culture too? Weren’t these important features of the Black Fives Era?

My personal mission in life is to teach, enlighten, and inspire people. I love to listen and I love to talk! I love to tell it like it is. I love to hear it like it is. So, anything conversational and opinionated works for me!

Here are some upcoming posts:

• Why Make History Now?
• How I Got Shaq’s Cell Phone Number
• Make A Fortune With Your Library Card
• Happy Birthday, Mr. Naismith; Um, Were You A Racist?
• Logo C.S.I.: The Case of the Independent Pleasure Club
• Converse Reintroduces 1920s Basketball Sneakers
• Ten Terms Imus Could Have Used Instead

Please let me know what you think! What works? What doesn’t work? What can we do better? What topics could we cover? What needs more attention?

Meanwhile, please stay tuned and thank you!

Claude Johnson
Founder & President
Black Fives, Inc.

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