A basketball player discovers

A young player waiting for “next” discovers the inspiring history of African American basketball pioneers like the New York Rens, who paved the way for today’s game.

Black Fives, Inc. is proud and honored that BET (Black Entertainment Television) has selected some of the photographs, artifacts, and memorabilia from its Black Fives Photo Archive to feature in a new Black History Month promotional segment that the network will air during February 2011.

BET commissioned two well known award-winning film industry talents to create the piece, director Charles Stone III (Drumline, Wassup, Mr. 3000, True) and cinematographer Cliff Charles (When The Levees Broke, Good Hair).

“It links the past to the present, making this important history relevant today, while making an implication about the future,” says Claude Johnson of Black Fives, Inc.  “Also, it was very special getting to meet these two industry leaders, and to watch their craftsmanship at work behind the scenes.”

Black Fives Photo Archive images used in the film segment include New York Rens owner Robert “Bob” Douglas, the New York Renaissance team, the cover of the event program for the 1943 World Pro Basketball Tournament, and the Harlem Renaissance Big “R” Five team logo.