Kudos to Bill Rhoden of the New York Times for orchestrating this opportunity for NBA Commissioner David Stern to visit a Harlem barber shop.

Though the questions and answers were mostly basic stuff, the concept is very interesting in its apparent promise of more to come.

Stern At Harlem Barber Shop

NBA Commissioner David Stern at a Harlem barber shop.

Plus, there were probably also quite a few questions left out in the editing.

But in any case, if such dialog continues then sooner or later the topic of the New York Renaissance (a.k.a. “Harlem Rens”) will emerge.

For one thing, Rhoden has a keen personal interest in the Rens and their history. So I’d be quite surprised if he didn’t bring the topic up with Stern himself.

Moreover, there’s not a move ever made by Mr. Stern that isn’t methodically and strategically crafted toward a specific agenda.

Hmm.  What’s the agenda here, besides the social feel-good aspect on the surface?

Perhaps this is wishful thinking, but what about those Rens? Is he attempting to gauge whether “ordinary people” in Harlem know or care about them?  If so then he need look no further than the comments on The Black Fives Blog for some of our articles like this one or this one.

By the way, they never said if the commissioner himself got a haircut.

Meanwhile, here are some random reactions to Stern’s appearance from around the social networking world:

“Stern got a hood pass. hahaha”

“The David Stern interview was classic. They got him into a closed room with real NBA fans and he stood toe to toe and seemingly still have a great time doing it. I love the international player discussion.”

“he reminds me of larry david”

“The security detail is just off-camera, hands on holsters.”

“Won’t see the NFL commish do something like that.”

“This is great for the David Stern and the League. By doing stuff like this and actually showing up in a harlem barbershop, Stern is getting more popularity votes and respect within the black community. A wonderful commissioner in my opinion. I have high respect for him.”

I hate Stern, but he really is a damn business genius. He keeps his cool with ALL those damn questions. Damn.

Stern knows what makes the NBA great…PROFIT. He is just protecting his product. Great interview. He is actually VERY respectful, imo.

LOL they asked him about Ron Artest! The look on his face was priceless.

“The only thing disappointing in this video is that David Stern never left the barbershop with a proper fade.”

“This is like Nino Brown handing out Thanksgiving turkeys… a kingpin trying to play a communitarian… “

Good stuff! Obviously this makes great content and it seems like more fun is in store. Let’s just see.

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