I was on the Afronerd Blog last week for an interview with the Afronerd.

Please check it out by clicking below.

He’s a very intelligent, passionate, conscious brother who publishes the Afronerd Blog. He’s also ridiculously funny but like most nerds he doesn’t realize it.

His blog, the Afronerd Blog, calls itself a web sanctuary for people of color with intellectual and artistic pursuits. It addresses all kinds of subjects, like current events, national/world affairs, culture, science, religion, politics, entertainment, literature … even comic books, that very nerdy genre.

Afronerd also has the most ridiculously funny website banner on the internet, you’re gonna laugh your ass off! I’m not gonna tell you what it is you just have to visit the Afronerd Blog yourself.

If you’re a light night listener to WFAN sports talk radio then you’ll also recognize Darryl, a frequent caller on that show, who’s the Afronerd’s guest host for this segment.

Here’s what we talked about:

  • The important role of blogging in the New Black Renaissance
  • The Black Fives Era
  • Black authenticity
  • Old rules
  • Paul Robeson and Princeton
  • And more …

To share your thoughts about these topics, or react to his banner, just leave a comment below. Thanks!

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