Facebook logoI’ve got my Facebook profile updated now, after neglecting it for a while! It now includes a separate Black Fives page where you can go nuts adding your fan photos and videos and stuff like that. I’m still having fun messin’ with it myself! So, please feel free to visit and connect.

Monday’s Jeter-Jordan Party
I had a chance to attend the Brand Jordan party for Derek Jeter on Monday at Marquee in New York City. The party was for the launch of the new Jeter shoe, called the Jeter Clutch.

Derek was there, of course, and so was M.J. I was also surprised that Reggie Jackson showed up. He’s so cool.

Fenway Park front row

Speaking of cool, and I mean WAY cool, I thanked Derek for that time at Fenway Park when he came over to where I was sitting with my son and gave him a baseball, which we still treasure.

He didn’t know me, and there were many other people he could have flipped the ball to, but I think he noticed us because I was wearing my Red Sox cap and my son was wearing his Yankees cap. Maybe he thought that was cool too.

I’ve been listening to these audio books by Esther and Jerry Hicks called The Teachings Of Abraham. It’s mind-blowing stuff about how to understand and use the simple, basic laws of the universe. It’s incredibly deep concepts put into simple language but you gotta be ready for it, so it’s not for everyone. But if you’re ready for it, this could possibly set you up for life! You might a well check it out.

Carnegie vs. Gates
When I posted Andrew Carnegie’s “How To Succeed In Life” essay the other day, I mentioned that Carnegie was the wealthiest man in the world, kinda like the Bill Gates of his time. Some readers wondered what Gates had to say or contribute in terms of wisdom. Well, I don’t know if Gates spelled out his keys to success, but he does have plenty to say about how capitalism ought to be used creatively to help the world rather than exploit it.

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As always you are right on point. Keep up the good works.

Fantastic! The article was a great Monday morning read. Keep the inspirations coming.

Again, thanks for the info – It was right on time – We are business owners’ and needed a reminder!

These are awesome! Thanks so much for your help.

WOW…………that is amazing…….. that’s was a great story…i grew up in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn and I’m wondering have you heard about any Black Five basketball in that area. If you hear anything please pass it on. Keep up the good work!

I recieved the jersey and the quality is great. Thanks. I am just hoping peopel ask were I got it.

Thanks for confirming my friend request. And kudos on the blackfives.com site. Thanks for preserving another little piece of our black history. I’m not much of a basketball fan, but as a black man I felt ashamed that I didn’t even know that there were all-black teams during the early years of professional basketball! I’ve subscribed to your blog. I look forward to receiving my first message from blackfives.