Happy birthday to John Isaacs, former New York Rens basketball star, born September 30, 1915.

John Isaacs at Madison Square Boys and Girls ClubJohn Isaacs at the Madison Square
Boys and Girls Club.

Isaacs is still doing his thing, going to work every day as an Activity Specialist at the Madison Square Boys & Girls Club in the Bronx.

If you know Mr. I, then you know that if he’s any one thing then he’s an activity specialist. Literally. Because, he’s a specialist at being active.

So much so, that Mr. I is almost impossible to pin down. People that know him know what I’m talking about.

But he’ll be in Atlantic City this weekend attending the 16th Annual John Henry “Pop” Lloyd Weekend Celebration.

(I’ll be there too, in case you’re interested.)

The Celebration Dinner and Awards Program will take place Saturday, October 4 at 6:00 p.m., at the Taj Mahal Casino Hotel.

The program’s 2008 Humanitarian Award Recipients, who’ll be honored at the dinner, are:

  • sports journalist and author Frank DeFord;
  • Olympic gold medalists Harrison Dillard and Wendy Hilliard;
  • National Baseball Hall of Fame member Bob Feller;
  • former Harlem Globetrotters Eugene Hudgins, Bob Hunter, and Sam Sawyer;
  • educator and basketball coach Michelle Farrell, and
  • basketball coach Louis “Red” Klotz

The annual “Pop” Lloyd Youth Awards winners will also be announced.

Proceeds go to a worthy cause, the John Henry “Pop” Lloyd Committee, which provides scholarships, educational outreach programs to encourage academic achievement, and “lessons for living elegantly, with exuberance, in the face of adversity.”

Mr. I has been a long time supporter of this cause.

For dinner tickets, or for more information, please call Michael Everett at 609-513-2783 or visit here.

Tomorrow: For the first time online, the text of my SLAM Magazine article about John Isaacs, which appeared in February 2008.