You ever notice that when little kids really want something they never focus on how hard it is?

Whatever It Takes

As adults, we learn and we teach ourselves what’s hard, what’s easy, what’s impossible, and what’s within reach.

That’s why, in the face of something difficult, most people tend to say they’re “trying their best” when deep down they really don’t believe it’s possible, knowing that others will sympathize with their failure since it was nearly impossible anyway.

But little kids believe everything is within reach. They know not any different. Their wants and their beliefs are aligned.

Whatever It Takes

Isn’t it true that we must often “unlearn” what we believe in order to accomplish what we really want? To achieve the seemingly impossible?

Whatever It Takes

So, next time you have a challenge, instead of focusing on how hard it is, focus on how much you want to do it.

This will do two things:

  1. It’ll make it more likely you’ll succeed.
  2. It’ll make the process more enjoyable.

That’s because this approach will take you back “into the moment.” When what we do is in the moment — in the “now” as they say — then our wants align with our beliefs and the universe responds accordingly.

These moments are the ones we’ll remember. They’ll be memorialized whether or not we make the shot. What we’ll remember most is how we felt and that we really did give it our all.

This is the zone where we make history now.

(Photographs by Claude Johnson)