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Earl Lloyd and Claude Johnson

NBA pioneer and Hall of Fame member Earl Lloyd at the Smithsonian National History Museum with Claude Johnson, Founder & Executive Director of the Black Fives Foundation, in 2011.

To celebrate its unveiling, we are dedicating this first episode to basketball pioneer and Hall of Fame member Earl Lloyd, the first African American to play in the NBA.

Mr. Lloyd passed away last year, during Black History Month. But why wait until then to remember this exceptional and noteworthy man?

Like basketball, Black History is a year-round thing. Similarly, Mr. Lloyd’s impact on the game has an ongoing year-round influence.

In this episode, I bring back an epic interview with Mr. Lloyd that I conducted in 2010, which included a discussion of his new book at the time, Moonfixer: The Basketball Journey of Earl Lloyd.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was glad to have attended the unveiling of the statue of Earl Lloyd at West Virginia State University, his alma mater, in 2014. Bill Russell and Oscar Robertson attended that event, their presence symbolizing the level of respect held for Lloyd’s contributions and his elder statesmanship.

My thoughts and prayers remain with his wife Charlita and with the entire Lloyd family. His son Kevin, who helped me stay in touch with Mr. Lloyd over the years, still  works tirelessly behind the scenes to promote his legacy.

The day he died, I remembered that Earl Lloyd was full of life, wisdom, and fun. And I said, “I miss you already my friend.” Well, I still do. We all do.