Superstar hip hop artist Ludacris has had nothin’ but love for Black Fives.

This goes back to some music videos where he and his Disturbing Tha Peace crew wore Black Fives gear at a time when everyone else was wearing Mitchell and Ness jerseys.

So I want to give Luda and DTP a shout out by going back to the vault with this music video footage of a cut by Shawnna, which features Luda wearing a Black Fives Casino Jacket.

This jacket — with 3-piece leather sleeves, wool body, and a rib knitted turn-down collar — was a limited production Black Fives branded style that came in several color combinations. The creme and black version was by far the pimpest one.

Check it out:

This particular video shoot was on the South Side of Chicago, ironically, not that far from where my father grew up. Some behind-the-scenes peeks:


Major props to my girlz at O’Share Stylez, and to Majik for putting them onto me (!) in the first place.

The popularity of this jacket was in line with our sales trends at the time, which showed that products with only the Black Fives logo by itself were more popular than those with the logo of any one individual team.

Which shows once again that the team is more important than the individual. Isn’t that how it ought to be?

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