This month, celebrate the history of African American women who were pioneers in basketball!

The all-black New York Girls championship basketball team

The all-black New York Girls championship basketball team, 1910.

We all know many of today’s female basketball stars from the W.N.B.A., the N.C.A.A., and the Olympics.

But where did it all begin?

A great place to start is by recognizing the very first all-black female basketball team — the New York Girls (1910-1914), champions of New York and New Jersey in 1910!

There were dozens of other early African American women’s teams, including the Spartan Girls (1910-1914), the Philadelphia Tribune Girls (1930-1945), the Germantown Hornets (1929-1935), the Chicago Romas (1921-1931), and, perhaps my favorite, the Chocolate Coeds (1930-1950).

Of course there are many, many more teams, stars, players, pioneers, and contributors who deserve recognition.

Who is your favorite? Most inspirational? Least recognized? Most influential?

Share your thoughts!

In December, and every month during the year, help support and encourage positive feelings, attitudes, respect, honor, and admiration towards female basketball players (and all women) past and present!