Did you know that Converse provided sneakers to Black Fives Era teams back in the early 1920s?

Last week, Converse unofficially began celebrating its 100th anniversary at its SoHo showroom in New York City by holding a Press Preview for a special centennial product line it will unveil for Spring 2008. They call it the “Converse Century Footwear Collection.”

We’ll get into more details in a later post but for now, here is a sneak peak at the Black Fives Century Premium Pack, which is one portion of the portfolio of Black Fives footwear they will offer as part of their centennial.

The Converse Century Footwear Look Book (below) will be a collector’s item all by itself.

Converse Century Footwear Look Book

Black Fives got the first tab in the book, either because ours is a “first tab” brand (!) or because “B” is near the beginning of the alphabet. Which do you think?

Look Book tab

The shoe in the middle is Converse’s original rubber-soled basketball shoe, which was worn by the New York Rens. I’m told that there will only be several hundred of the individual styles of the Black Fives Century Pack (below) available in each continent. Each style comes in its own wooden box and will be available in January 2008, with prices ranging from $150-$200. Wow! The box better be included!

Black Fives Century Pack

I am really happy with what and how Converse is doing so far with Black Fives. I think they get it. It’s, well, heartwarming. What do you think? We’ll have a sneak peak at some more Black Fives styles by Converse, as well as more details, comments, and reactions really soon.

Claude Johnson
Founder & President
Black Fives, Inc.




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