Blessed Days

by Ebony Spruell

My earliest memories of him were of him teaching us basketball.
Rarely did he just stand by, he was always into it all.
The strength and energy that he possessed …
Just knowing him you knew you were blessed.
We all looked up to him, we all saw in him a friend.
He helped me with my writing, coached us in pool.
Made you realize everything you learned was considered a tool.
He spoke to you … not as a child, to us he spoke the truth.
He was a mentor to me and many of my fellow youth.
Always had a joke to tell always put a smile on your face.
The love we had for John Isaacs lived here, so of course up in that better place.
He lived to do so many things, he lived to see these blessed days.
And his spirit lives on in so many blessed ways.


Ebony Spruell is a member of the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club.  Her poem was read at the wake of former basketball star John “Boy Wonder” Isaacs.

The members and alumnae of the Madison Square Boys and Girls Club will pay tribute to Isaacs tomorrow night, Friday, March 6, at 6:00 p.m. with an event that celebrates his life and the contributions he made to the club and the surrounding community during his 50 years of service there.