Hey, why not? In a feature length article that appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune over the weekend, Black Fives got a nice mention.

Derron Williams, Utah JazzDerron Williams, Utah Jazz.

That’s cool, because the Tribune is the largest newspaper in Utah. And it shows how far a good syndicated article can go if it has legs. So, thanks again Hank Stuever.

Still, less than 1% of all the visitors to The Black Fives Blog come from Utah, mostly from Salt Lake City. We even have the odd reader or two from American Fork, Spanish Fork, and South Jordan.

Meanwhile, how nice are the Utah Jazz? They proved they can gut it out at the finish and look like they’ll advance. I great game by Derron Williams, but D., you made a lot of people r-e-a-l-l-y nervous at the end, man! You ever think about getting some Black Fives retros to settle you down and ground you in tight situations?

Here’s the article:

Salt Lake Tribune

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