In line with the theme of Thanksgiving, we want express my thanks to everyone who has checked out this blog!

Thank you.

The Black Fives Blog has gotten some amazing attention, and we know it’s all relative because nothing is meaningful until compared to something else. But success lies in celebrating the accomplishment of each goal, not just those goals we think someone else wants to hear about, or those set by others.

Besides, we’re new to blogging, and a lot of other people are too. So we thought, why not share some details about who’s been visiting the Black Fives Blog?

So far the Black Fives Blog has been viewed as follows:

  • in 67 countries
  • representing 25 different languages
  • in all 50 of the United States
  • in 83 cities in Canada
  • in 27 cities in the United Kingdom
  • in 16 cities in Japan
  • in 15 cities in Germany
  • in 6 cities in Australia (this country only has 6 cities)
  • in 5 cities in China
  • in 145 cities and towns in the state of New York
  • in 197 cities in California
  • in 104 cities in Illinois
  • in 74 cities and towns in Texas
  • in 144 cities and towns in Pennsylvania
  • in 118 cities and towns in Massachusetts
  • in 5 towns in Idaho (this state only has five towns)
  • most unexpected country: tie between Iceland and Mongolia
  • Most unexpected U.S. city: Fairbanks, Alaska

By the way:

  • the top 10 states in America:
    • New York
    • California
    • Illinois
    • Pennsylvania
    • Texas
    • Massachusetts
    • New Jersey
    • Ohio
    • Connecticut
    • Florida

Don’t worry, the South is represented well too, with Virginia, North Carolina, and Georgia in the top 15.

Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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