The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) this week aired this special segment (above) about the Black Fives exhibition at the New-York Historical Society on its evening news program, BBC World News America, hosted by Katty Kay.

You can also catch the online version of the piece in their weekly web post called Picture This:

20140501-041613.jpgThis week the National Basketball Association has been dealing with a scandal after the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers team, Donald Sterling, was given a lifetime ban for making racist remarks.

His comments come nearly 65 years after the NBA became racially integrated.

But even before that, African-American teams were taking to the court against white opponents.

Known as the “black fives” for the number of starting players, these teams came to define an era.

Now their story is the subject of an exhibit at the New-York Historical Society.

The segment was produced and directed by Bill McKenna, and filmed by Felicia Barr and Matt Reilly. We are delighted not only with their great coverage but also with their excellent timing of it. Kudos to Katty Kay for her commentary as well.