Do you take the time to see the beauty in all things?

I learned that from the very first album I ever bought, That’s The Way Of The World, the Earth, Wind & Fire masterpiece. I bought it at a Woolworth’s in 1974 when I was a freshman in high school.

On that album, there was this cut called All About Love.

Remember that one?

Remember Maurice White rappin’, “You are as beautiful as your thoughts, right on?”

Can you name some reasons why this is a beautiful sight?

(Click to play “All About Love” by Earth, Wind & Fire.)

I bring this up because, if your world view these days comes from the media and from politicians, it’s easy to get the impression that the world is doomed.

Even our economic model is based on fear. If you don’t buy this right now then you won’t win, you won’t be sexy, you won’t fit in, you won’t feel good, you won’t be cool, you won’t save money, you won’t be safe … and so on.

But we know that whatever we focus on expands. So why focus on things we fear?

As in basketball or any other sport, you either play to win or you play not to lose. When you play to win, you win. That’s because when you play to win, you focus on what you want. Not on what you don’t want.

When you focus on some crisis that you fear, or on how hard something is … then you focus your attention on what you don’t want. That’s like playing not to lose.

Instead, play to win. Focus on your goals and how much you want them. Make your life about the things you want for you, your family, your neighborhood, your block, your city, your state, your world.

You’ll soon realize that the world is overflowing with beauty, all around you. In everything you see. There’s even a scientific basis for this in quantum physics called the Copenhagen Interpretation, which states there is no objective reality; everything is subjective.

Earth, Wind & Fire: That's The Way Of The World

Sound deep? It just means that, in essence, the world around you is whatever you think it is. People find whatever it is that they expect to find.

Or, as Maurice White broke it down, “You are as beautiful as your thoughts, right on?”

(Yo, was he a quantum physicist?)

A quick way to improve your world right now is to turn off the TV, stop watching the news, quit your curiosity about morbid details and statistics, and stop focusing on all the problems of the world.

Start focusing on all the possibilities. Start focusing on all the miracles of the world. Start focusing on all the beauty of the world.

It’s all around you. Do you stop to check it out?

“I want you to stop … whatever you’re doin’. Just stop. ‘Cuz I wanna rap to you.”

Realize that you have a choice of what you think about and what you see. Each moment is your moment. It belongs to you. You choose what to do with that moment. You can live that moment in fear … or you can make it all about love.

Knowing the difference will change your life, and allow you to make history now!