1) Added 34 important artifacts to the Black Fives Foundation Archives – that makes 478 items, the largest collection in the world – each piece organized, digitized, cataloged, tagged, and photographed under professional archival care.

Some of the new artifacts we added to the Black Fives Foundation Archives in 2017. (The Black Fives Foundation Archives)

2) Month-long educational/community program with Atlanta Hawks that included PSAs, an in-arena program, a youth hoops tournament, a recreation center educational talk during Black History Month 2017. Visibility: >237,300 TV viewers, >50,800 social views, >2,238 social engagements.

3) Successfully advocated for Philly native and Black Fives Era pioneer Zach Clayton to be enshrined in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame for his overall contributions to basketball as a player. He was inducted in September 2017!

Claude Johnson with some members of the Clayton family enjoying the celebration at the Hall of Fame Reunion Dinner, 2017.

4) Our social posts reached >20,500 Facebook viewers and made >188,300 Twitter impressions. Our social media and opt-in reach grew to >14,000 followers and subscribers, a 14.2% increase over 2016.

5) We published 16 new blog posts including five new podcast episodes on this website for a total of 388 posts and 131 pages of amazing historical content.

6) YTD this website has received >28,000 visitors from all 50 states and DC as well as 150 other countries, a 3.7% increase over total visitors YTD in 2016 while USA visitors are up 6.2% during the same period.

7) This makes >161,600 visitors to BlackFives.org since our 501(c)3 was founded in 2013. The average length per session since then >115 seconds, nearly two minutes, which meets or exceeds industry averages.

8) We joined the acclaimed Patreon online membership platform for creators and their fans who support creative projects with monetary pledges in return for access to exclusive patron-only content, experiences, information, and rewards.

9) We sent out 17 email broadcasts resulting in the delivery of 27,818 emails, of which 5,476 were opened, for an average open rate of 19.7%. This is solid for a non-profit.

10) We licensed our photos, artifacts, graphics, logos, and related content for products/projects that educated consumers while providing us more than $13,000 in total royalty revenue, which was important in helping us cover our program and operations costs. Let’s go!

11) Loaned to the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library and Museum some important historical artifacts they requested from our #BlackFives Foundation Archives for their upcoming “Sports and Social Justice” museum exhibition set to open April 2018 through 2019.

12) We’re proud of these accomplishments but if just one guy working from home (Claude Johnson) can do all this as a labor of love, giving voice to voiceless pioneers and their contributions, then so much more could be done! There’s another level! Let’s go!

Claude Johnson, founder and executive director of the Black Fives Foundation.

13) Thank you for making our educational storytelling, programs, preservation, and advocacy possible in 2017 and beyond!